Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visit to Creative Foundations/Our Town Studios

AU Art Club and the Coburn Gallery made a visit to Our Town Studios in Mt Vernon to meet their awesome artists last week. Creative Foundations founded Our Town Studio, an art studio/gallery within the adult day service program, which gives individuals the choice to earn an income while creating art and selling it to the community.The Our Town Studio artists created works of art on reusable bags that the AU Art Club will be giving away at the annual AU picnic in August.

OHIO-All Media Juried Exhibition Awards

The Coburn Gallery would like announce the awards for the 2011 Ohio All Media Juried Exhibition.
This exhibition was created as a showcase for Ohio artists working in any media, traditional or experimental. The 10th annual exhibition includes 47 artworks from 38 local and regional Ohio artists.
June Hund’s mixed media collage entitled “Sail the Darken Seas” received Best of Show.
June Hund, mixed-media artist, has been involved in the creative process and producing artwork since early childhood. She grew up in a household passionate about music, fine arts, and travel. She traveled throughout Europe as a young adult, spending time in Florence studying the great masters of Italian art. She received a bachelor’s of fine art in painting from Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan). She has worked in many different mediums and techniques. In Detroit she preferred watercolor and oil; but during this time she started working with collage/assemblage.

When she relocating to the Cleveland, Ohio area, she started down a different life path but was still active with the creative process. She became more interested in working with mixed media, assemblage, and collage. She often reuses her own watercolors and drawings, reworking them into abstract collages. The composition, texture, and process are essential. She carefully adds layers and then sands the layers to add depth to each piece. June recently started showing her artwork in the Cleveland area.

The following artists received merit awards: Keith Wilde’s painting entitled “Rendering the Son”, George T. Gregory Jr’s sculpture entitled “Tennis Anyone” and Jonny Luv’s photograph “Beautiful ”.

There were three juror mention awards: Rebecca Kaler “Aerial “a oil painting, Diane F. Ramo’s collage entitled “ Contamination” and Paul D. Wilbur’s digital photograph entitled “Built Farm Tough”.

The Coburn Gallery is open Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm and 12noon-4pm on Saturday/ Sunday. The Ohio- All Media exhibition closes on Friday July 29, 2011. For more about the 2011 Ohio All Media Juried Art Exhibition at Coburn Gallery, visit www.ashland.edu/coburngallery or find us on FaceBook.