Monday, July 22, 2013

Upcoming ART Class for Young Artists

Digital Dynamics Art Class for Young Artists 
Monday July 29, 2013 
from 9am  until Noon.

This digital art class is for children ages 10-14 with proficient computer
skills. The young artists will explore Adobe Photoshop using the scanner
bed as a camera to create unique and inventive digital artworks. 
Class fee is $10.00 per young artist.

To enroll your young artist call 419.289.5652 or email us at

Upcoming Exhibition-Threads That Binds

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Messy Media-FUN !!!

Messy Media fun at the art class for young artists ages 4- years old on Tuesday. The young artists explored papermaking, printmaking, paper marbling, painting and collage. Many art activities for the young artists to explore ! " Art class was terrific" quote from one of our four year old artists. 
Future Ashland Eagle fine art majors in the making.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Messy Media Day !!

MESSY MEDIA day is upon us.......can't wait to see the artistic endeavors by our young artists today! Spots still available. 10am Room 346 Center for the Arts. $5.00 per child.

Friday, July 5, 2013

MESSY MEDIA-age group extended ( July 9th ART DAYS )

We have extended the age group for the upcoming MESSY MEDIA art class to include young artists from 4-9 years old. GET MESSY. GET CREATIVE. GET ART.                         $5.00 per child. DRESS MESSY for the class. To register your young artist call 419.289.5652/email .

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013 Art Camp-Jungle Stop Motion Animation

2013 Art Camp-Jungle Stop Motion Animation featuring with the Henri Rousseau jungle created by the young artists and the beautiful landscaping on the Ashland University campus. 

MESSY Media- art class for young artists 4-6 years old

Contact the Coburn at 419.289.5652/ 

Monday, July 1, 2013

OHIO-All Media Awards Announced

The Coburn Gallery would like announce the awards for the 2013 Ohio All Media Juried Exhibition.
This exhibition was created as a showcase for Ohio artists working in any media, traditional or experimental. The 11th annual exhibition includes 36 artworks from 25 local and regional Ohio artists.
Johnny Runuman’s black and white photograph entitled “Dark Columbus” received Best of Show.
 Runuman is  a freelance photographer, specializing in images of landscape, night photography and black & white.  An engineer by profession, a soccer fan and former Boy Scout Woodbadge; a very analytical person, he  tries to find moments of reflection for Literature and Arts, loves to travel; learn about people and new places, gain experiences day by day in his life. He picked up my first camera when I was 10, after that moment my camera travels with him everywhere. That’s when his passion for photography starts. He fall in love with landscape and night photography. Runuman’s work tends to focus on the environment, cities, and people; the nature. He also found a wonderful joy and gratification in the idea of creating memories for his family and friends that they would treasure for a lifetime. I always try to leave a positive message – live is all over the world – and I love Black & White, I think is timeless.
Based in the city of Columbus in the beautiful State of Ohio, driven by a passion for photographic excellent and possessing years of experience, his photos capture the emotion and joy of the moment whether it be a the happy wedding couple, a family or the natural world. He has had the opportunity to travel around USA and many others countries, gain more experience in landscape, people and live.
The following artists received merit awards: Al Aitken’s photo composite collage entitled “Forest ( IR6)”, Jason Tanner Young’s sculpture entitled “Giant Wad of Ants Floating” Daisie Hoitsma’s  graphite, oil and acrylic on panel  entitled “Untitled”.

Al Aitken received his Masters of Fine Arts in printmaking and photography at Ohio University. Aitken has been a professor of photography at Case Western since 2001. His artworks are in the collections of Cleveland Museum of Art and Modern Museum of Art in New York. In 2013, Aitken has exhibited in FAVA in Oberlin, Ohio and Mesa Museum of Contemporary Art Mesa, Arizona.
Jason Tanner Young, originally from Texas, Young received his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and his BFA from The University of Texas at Tyler. Recently he has exhibited at Rosalux Gallery in Minnesota, Axis Gallery in California, the Young Sculptors Competition at Miami University, and the Sioux City Art Center in Iowa.  He currently is an Instructor for Sculpture and Expanded Practices at Ohio University, as well as the Sculpture Technician.
Daisie Hoitsma received her BFA from The University of Texas at Tyler.  She has recently shown at Xavier University, South Haven Center for the Arts, and Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center.  She currently lives and works in Athens, Ohio.

The Coburn Gallery is open Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm and 12noon-4pm on Saturday/ Sunday.   The Ohio- All Media exhibition closes on Friday July 31, 2013. For more about the 2013 Ohio All Media Juried Art Exhibition at Coburn Gallery, visit or find us on FaceBook.