Friday, May 20, 2016

Natural Tendencies Opens at the Coburn Gallery

A group exhibition of seven artists from the Cleveland area exploring the tendencies of our minds and emotional states with a vocabulary centering around the natural world. The works on view range from painting, stitching, ceramics, and kinetic sculpture to photography, printmaking, and chalk pastel. 

Although there is a common thread, each artist has a completely unique and intriguing approach to their creative process.

The exhibition features the following Ohio artists: Jeff Yost, Christine Mauersberger,Melissa Daubert, Judith Brandon, Dana Oldfather, Mark Yasenchack and Christi Birchfield. 

Judith Brandon pours her intent out through hidden text scratched into the surface of the paper and then proceeds to cover it in layers of drawing, watercolor, and finally pastel. Her works, such as the tumultuous "Blue Adversary", start with private thoughts running through the artist's head but end up connecting to the masses with their universal language.

Mark Yasencheck taps into the more ancient, ritualistic qualities of the natural world - ones that speak to our core with their obscure religious references. His materials are literally of the earth and his intricate process brings order and calm to the chaos of our fragmented world.

From Dana Oldfather's dense build-up of color and form, to the simplicity and silence of Christine Mauersberger's single stitch, each of these process-oriented artists have a way of bringing out an awareness in the viewer of their own natural rhythms and at the same time the collective state of human nature.

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